Rainbow Mountains


DSC_1579?cMissed one train in Blue mountains and got two rainbows in return. Good deal.


Green hills


DSC_3792It was a stormy day on a roadtrip. Many people saw these green hills but I was the only one who stopped and enjoyed the view until the next storm washed it away.

Going up and down



We say the Sun goes up during the sunrise and down during the sunset. But we all know it is the Earth rotating and taking us with it. So could one say that we go down during the sunrise and up during the sunset? What a rollercoaster.

Ruined castle


Ruined castle is a rock formation in the Blue mountains national park. There newer was a castle there. But if there was one, it wouldn’t need an architect. The nature already did that part. And what an amazing job that was. The view is from one of the “guard towers”.

Why sunrises are better than sunsets


There are many reasons why sunrises are better than sunsets. One of them is that they must be earned. A long night ending with a romantic sunrise, a very early morning in the mountains, just starting a long day of climbing, or in this case, a failed attempt of wadlopen trip. In order to catch the low tide we got up in the middle of the night and drove for an hour to the sea  just to learn that  the guide bailed out on us. We quickly changed the plans into waiting almost two hours for the sunrise and another two hours for the ferry to the island that we were supposed to reach on foot. Meanwhile the sunrise transformed a boring jetty in the middle of a muddy swamp into a beautiful scene of constantly changing colors and sounds.